The color of this 2008 vintage: a dark ruby red, tinged with a nice purple hue.

He wrote a number of books, among others:”The Wine Cellar Book”, ”Chateau Margaux”, ”Le Ritz, the magic of a palace and its wines”, ”Le Vin et son Palais” (wine and its palate).

He also is an opera fan.

Georges Lepré: born 1942 at Agen, an economic, administrative, judicial and cultural center, situated in the Aquitaine region of southern France, being one of France’s foremost wine-growing regions. At present he is living in Paris.

He is a former head wine-manager (“chef sommelier”) and head waiter (“maitre d’h?tel”)(1966-1983) at the”Grand Véfour”, a renowned gastronomic restaurant in Paris near the Louvre museum. Next (1983): head waiter of the well-known restaurant “La Couronne” at Pasadena (California, USA); wine-manager (1983-1993); manager (“directeur”) of the 2-stars restaurant “l’Espadon”in the famous Parisian palace hotel ”Le Ritz”(5-stars). Furthermore: lecturer (“directeur des études”) at the Paris Wine Academy, also attended by professionals of the wine-trade(1985-1993) and wine-manager of Ritz International(1989-1993).

In a good cellar the 2008 vintage can easily be kept until 2018/2020.

To fully appreciate this wine, prefer to drink it accompanied by some savoury and delicate dishes after having the bottle decanted about one hour before serving the wine at the temperature of 16°C.

As a suggestion for the kind of dishes to accompany this vintage: morel pie; broiled eggs with truffles ; cooking of veal spring time ; beef fillet with mushrooms; "tournedos Rossini"; pheasant ,; quails prepared with grapes; braised ham sauce "madder"; duck with young turnips; a french blue cheese, notably a "forum d’Ambert".

Signed Georges Lepré

The olfactory impression this wine offers, is very expressive; one distinguishes from the outset a large aromatic range reminding of black fruit jellies ,especially blue- and blackberries. One also notices spicey flavors like vanilla, cinnamon and some very subtle nuances of violets, cocoa and rice-powder.

In the mouth one notices a rich, generous fruitiness, fortified by the tannins of the wine; also the impression of an excellent freshness. Well-balanced, expressive and mellow, this vintage offers immediate drinking pleasure. It develops with elegance and lingers in the mouth with hints of prunes and licorice.

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